Welcome to Assistant Professor Leafia Ye!

December 6, 2023 by Juanita Lam

We welcome Assistant Professor Leafia Ye to the St. George Department of Sociology. Professor Ye joins us from the graduate program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a scholar of immigration and aging, Professor Ye studies the relationship between immigrant inclusion into host societies and health and socioeconomic inequalities over the life course. Her current research in this area is two-fold: One project explores the connections between immigrants’ socioeconomic mobility and their later-life health trajectories, while another seeks to understand the implications of U.S. immigration policy shifts for the kinship networks of Mexican older adults. Moving forward, Professor Ye plans to use mixed methods to understand how immigrant populations in Canada and the U.S. plan retirement.

At the University of Toronto, Professor Ye is also a faculty affiliate at the Global Migration Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy. Her research has been published in Social Forces, the Population and Development Review, and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, among other academic publications.