Yukiko Tanaka and Sagi Ramaj Awarded the 2022 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award

November 24, 2022 by Mauricio Gerdes

Congratulations to Sociology Ph.D. students Yukiko Tanaka and Sagi Ramaj, winners of the 2022 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award. This prize is awarded annually for a paper or dissertation of exceptional merit that deals with a sociological aspect of Canadian Society. Sagi’s paper “Neighbourhood effects and the labour market outcomes of immigrant men in same-sex couples Academic Hiring Networks and Institutional Prestige: A Case Study of Canadian Sociology”, published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2021), investigates whether neighbourhood composition mediates the disparities in employment status and wages between immigrant men in same-sex couples and those who are Canadian-born and/or different-sex coupled. Yukiko’s paper “Healing Toward Interdependency: Building Skills and Resistance Through Immigrant and Indigenous Employment” was published in the Journal of International Migration and Integration (2022). Her article analyzes the possibilities for building solidarity and resistance to neoliberalism with the structure of a state-funded program run by an immigrant settlement agency in Saskatoon, Canada, which brings Indigenous people and immigrants together to build their employment skills and learn about each other’s cultures.

While Sagi is continuing her pre-dissertation studies, Yukiko is currently wrapping up a Ph.D. and looking for roles where she can apply her research, teaching, and advocacy skills toward better futures for all people.

Once again, congratulations Yukiko and Sagi!