Patricia Erickson

Professor Emerita

Fields of Study


Professor Patricia Erickson completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, after working as a research scientist at the Addiction Research Foundation (ARF), and on her return, she became the Head of the Drug Policy Research Program at ARF. In 1992, she became a Professor of Sociology and was cross-appointed to Criminology at the University of Toronto. She was the Director and also taught a graduate seminar in the Sociology of Addiction in the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies. Professor Erickson is also Scientist Emerita at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Professor Erickson’s research interests include illicit drug use and drug policy, with a recent focus on examining ways of improving screening for youths with substance use and mental health problems in custodial facilities. She has published over 150 articles, chapters, books, and monographs on drug policy, illicit drug use, and drug and mental health issues in marginalised groups. While mostly retired, she continues to be in contact with colleagues and many of her former graduate students.