PhD Alumni 1978-1984

This table includes all of the alumni for whom we have data. If you are one of our alumni or know someone who isn’t listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact the Research Coordinator at

Last Name First Name Year Graduated Employer Position
Allahar Anton Laurence Gregory M 1982 University of Western Full Professor (Titular)
Anderson Karen Lee 1982 York University Associate Professor
Baker Ross 1982 IHPME University of Toronto Professor & Program Director - Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS)
Bakker Johannes Iemke 1979 University of Guelph Professor
Calzavara Mostacci Liviana 1983 University of Toronto Tenured Professor
Cape / Dennis Elizabeth Ann 1979 University of The Fraser Valuey Professor Emeritus
Carrington Peter John 1981 University of Waterloo Professor
Cheung Yuet Wah 1982 Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor, Department Chair
Corman June Shirley 1983 Brock University Professor
Craven Paul 1978 York University Associate Professor
Currie Albert Wayne 1980 Ministry of Justice Canada Principle Researcher
Curtis Bruce Malcolm 1981 Carleton University Professor
Dajani Souad Rashid 1984   Consultant and Resercher
Dasko Donna Anne 1982 Private Consulting Practice Consultant
Deutschmann Linda Bell 1979 Thompson Rivers University Professor Emerita (Deceased 2008)
Dickinson James Murgatroyd 1982 Rider University Professor
Edginton Barry Eugene 1981 University of Winnipeg Professor
Gannage Charlene Mary 1984 University of Windsor Associate Professor
Ghorayshi Fatemeh Parvin 1983 University of Winnipeg Professor Emeritus
Gibbons Jacqueline Anne 1979 York University Associate Professor Emerita
Giesbrecht Norman Abe 1980 University of Toronto Associate Professor / Senior Scientist
Giffin Karen Mary 1979 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Employee (Retired)
Gilmore Alan Robert 1978 Saint Paul University Professor
Huxley Christopher Victor 1980 Trent University Professor Emeritus
Jensen Phyllis Marie 1984   Vancouver Jungian/Analytic Psychologist
Knuttila Kenneth Murray 1982 University of Regina Professor
Laxer Gordon David 1981 Parkland Institute Founding Director & former head at Parkland Institute
Listiak Alan Michael 1981 Minnesota Department of Corrections Administrator of Sex Offender Program Certification
Lowe Graham Stanley 1979 The Graham Lowe Group President
Mann Susan Archer 1982 University of New Orleans Professor
Mcdermott Patricia Catherine 1982 York University Associate Professor
Mckendy John Patrick 1980 St. Thomas University Professor (Deceased 31 OCT 2008)
Parakulam George 1978 Alberta Scientist (Retired)
Pilotta Joseph 1981 Ohio State University Associate Professor
Rhyne Darla 1979 York University Research Associate
Richardson Richard John 1984 McMaster University Professor (Deceased)
Riggins Stephen Harold 1980 Memorial University of Newfoundland Unable to determine (Retired)
Runge Janis Margaret 1979    
Russell Susan Jessie 1978 Concordia University, Queens University Professor (Deceased 04 August 2010)
Schenk Christopher Robert 1983 Ontario Federation of Labour Research Director
Siddique Muhammad Choudhary 1980 University of Jazeera, United Arab Emirates Dean, College of Business Administration
Stasiulis Daiva Kristina 1982 Carleton University Professor
Storey Robert Henry 1982 McMaster University Associate Professor
Tippin David John 1983 The University of Auckland Quality Coordinator, Planning and Quality Office
Trottier Claude Rene 1980 Universite de Laval Research Associate / Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Van Vliet Willem Karel Theo 1980 Children Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design at the University of Colorado Director
Winson Anthony Robert 1982 University of Guelph Professor