PhD Alumni 1990-1994

This table includes all of the alumni for whom we have data. If you are one of our alumni or know someone who isn’t listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact the Research Coordinator at

Last Name First Name Year Graduated Employer Position
Arat-Koc Sedef 1990 Ryerson University Associate Professor
Arnold Bruce Lane 1991 University of Calgary Associate Professor
Baber Zaheer 1993 University of Toronto Professor
Bell Sandra Jean 1992 St. Mary's University Associate Professor
Biezenski Robert Peter 1990 University of Regina Instructor III
Davies Robert Scott William 1992 Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Professor
Denis Claude 1994 University of Ottawa Full Professor
Espinoza Vicente Ivan 1992 Universidad de Santiago de Chile Professor
Henriques Horace Leonard 1991 University of Toronto Retired Faculty
Kay Fiona Meta 1992 Queen's University Professor
Kelly Katharine Doreen 1991 Carleton University Associate Professor
Lacombe Dany 1991 Simon Fraser University Professor
Le Navenec Carole-Lynne M 1993 University of Calgary Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing
Lee (William K.M.) Keng Mun 1992 Lingnan University Professor & Associate Vice-President
Lewis Jacqueline 1994 University of Windsor Associate Professor
Mccarthy William D'Arcy (Bill) 1990 UC Davis Professor
Moore Gale 1990 Gale Moore and Associates Principal
Mosher Clayton J 1992 Washington State University Professor
Nelson Rodney Dale 1990 University of Pittsburgh Lecturer
O'Grady William Lawrence 1993 University of Guelph Professor
Olsen Gregg Matthew 1990 University of Manitoba Professor
Podolsky Momo 1994 University of Toronto Program Adminstrator
Roxburgh Susan Jane 1994 Kent State Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Singh Hira 1991 York University Associate Professor
Sugiman Pamela Haruchiyo 1992 Ryerson Professor and Chair
Tindall David Benjamin 1994 University of British Colombia Associate Professor
Tyyska Vappu Kaarina 1993 Ryerson Associate Professor
Uneke Okori Akpa 1994 Winston-Salem State University Associate Professor