PhD Alumni 2015-2019

This table includes all of the alumni for whom we have data. If you are one of our alumni or know someone who isn’t listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact the Research Coordinator at

Last Name First Name Year Graduated Employer Position
Abji Salina 2017 Self-employed Research Consultant
Albert Katelin 2019 University of Victoria Assistant Professor
Beglaubter Judith 2019    
Birdsell Bauer Louise 2018 Public Service Alliance of Canada Research Officer
Campeau Holly 2016 University of Alberta Assistant Professor
Cappeliez Sarah 2018 Infrastructure Canada (Government of Canada) Evaluation Analyst
Cheng Catherine Man 2018    
Cook Steven 2017 Cardiff University, Wales Assistant Professor
Dawe Meghan 2018 American Bar Foundation Research Social Scientist
De Laat Kim 2017 Rotman Institute for Gender + the Economy, University of Toronto Postdoctoral Fellow
Easton Mark 2015 University of Toronto Instructor
Elrick Jennifer 2016 McGill University Assistant Professor
Faruque Omar 2019 Queens University Postdoctoral Fellow
Garcia del Moral Paulina 2016 University of Guelph Assistant Professor
Hahmann Tara 2015 Statistics Canada Research Analyst
Hayle Steven 2017 University of Toronto, Scarborough Assistant Professor (CLTA)
Hoe Alice 2017 York University Senior Institutional Analyst, Rankings, Analytics and Performance
Hoffbauer Andreas 2018 Atelier Kultur Founder and Principal
Innocente Nathan 2016 University of Toronto, Missisauga Assistant Professor, teaching
Joly Marie-Pier 2017 Concordia University Assistant Professor
Kennedy Liam 2015 King's University College Assistant Professor
Klassen Spendik Amy 2018 Trent University, Durham Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator — Policing and Community Well-Being
Kolar Kat 2018 University of British Columbia Postdoctoral Fellow
Koltai Jonathan 2018 University of New Hampshire Assistant Professor
Laxer Emily 2016 York University Assistant Professor
Lee Andrew 2019 Asia Pacific Foundation Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusive Growth Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs
Maas Mark van der 2015 Rutgers University Assistant Professor
Maiolino Elise 2017 Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Canada Special Assistant, Office of the Chief of Staff
Majerski Maria 2017 Bishops University Assistant Professor (CLTA)
McIvor Mitchell 2018 University of West Georgia Assistant Professor
Miller Diana 2016 York Region Program Evaluation Analyst
Mo Guang Ying 2015 Ryerson University Contract Lecturer
Moyser Melissa 2015 Institute for Social Research Analyst
Narisada Atsushi 2019 St. Mary's University Assistant Professor
Nowak Joanne 2015 UC Santa Barbara Academic Coordinator
O'Neill Kristie 2018 University of Toronto, Scarborough Assistant Professor (CLTA)
Patterson Matt 2015 University of Calgary Assistant Professor
Piekosz Agata 2016 King's University College Lecturer
Quirouette Marianne 2017 Universite de Montreal Assistant Professor
Rangel Cristian 2018 University of Ottawa Assistant Professor
Rodney Alexandra 2017 Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care Program Analyst
Settels Jason 2019 University of Luxembourg Postdoctoral Researcher
Shah Sarah 2019 University of Toronto Postdoctoral Fellow
Slavina Anna 2019 Government of Manitoba Senior Data Analytics Advisor, Dept. of Central Services
Tian Siyue 2016 Environics Analystics Senior Research Associate
Upenieks Laura 2019 Baylor University Assistant Professor
Valleriani Jenna 2017 Canopy Growth Corporation Director, Global Patient Advocacy
Williams Lawrence 2019 Crowdmark Customer Success Manager
Zhang Tony 2017 University of Macau Assistant Professor