Dr. Prentiss Dantzler receives Jane Addams Article Award from ASA Community and Urban Sociology Section

September 19, 2023 by Juanita Lam

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Prentiss Dantzler on his award-winning article “The urban process under racial capitalism: Race, anti-Blackness, and capital accumulation,” published in the Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City. Dantzler’s paper has received the Jane Addams Article Award from the ASA’s Community and Urban Sociology section. The award honors the best academic article in the area published within the previous two years. In the winning article, Dantzler aims to correct the erasure of race and racism in the urban process by theorizing its racial character and establishing capitalism and racism as co-constitutive exploitative systems. Read the full article in the Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City.

Prentiss Dantzler is Assistant Professor of Sociology and holds cross-appointments with the School of Cities and the Infrastructure Institute at the University of Toronto. His work explores racial capitalism, homeowners’ associations and residential exclusion, and the spatial dynamics of housing assistance in the Greater Toronto Area.