Conversation with Adia Harvey Wingfield (April 20) by the Anti-Racism and Equity Committee

When and Where

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


We are very excited to invite all of you to the first event of this summer, organized by the Anti-Racism and Equity Committee (Tri-Campus). In this Conversation with Prof. Adia Harvey Wingfield, “Institutionalizing Anti-racism: Experiences from the Field,” Prof. Wingfield will share her research on race, gender, and organization, as well as her experience of building a diverse and strong department. Here is a short piece by Prof. Wingfield and we also recommend her recent book, Flatlining: Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy.

We look forward to having a stimulating dialogue about how to build an anti-racist department and collectively imagine what equity and belonging for all can look like in our academic home. We will begin with guided conversations with Anti-Racism and Equity Committee members, followed by open discussions. All faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcome.

We are meeting on April 20, 2021 (Tuesday), 12:00pm to 2:00pm (EST). Please register in advance.

Prof. Adia Harvey Wingfield’s research examines how and why racial and gender inequality persists in professional occupations. Dr. Wingfield has lectured internationally on her research in this area, and her work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals including Social Problems, Gender & Society, and American Sociological Review. She is a former President of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) and President of the Southern Sociological Society (SSS), the largest regional professional sociological association in the US. In addition to her academic scholarship, Professor Wingfield has written for mainstream outlets including Slate, The Atlantic, Vox, and Harvard Business Review, and is the recipient of the 2018 Public Understanding of Sociology award from the American Sociological Association. Her most recent book is Flatlining: Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy.