Feminist Intersections Seminar

When and Where

Thursday, November 24, 2022 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Room 382
Department of Sociology
725 Spadina Avenue


Man Xu


Man Xu will present a paper entitled: "A pathway to cosmopolitanism: identity negotiation of Hui Muslims through Chinese and international Muslim education."

This paper investigates Hui Muslim’s education experiences in Chinese Islamic schools and in educational institutions in Muslim countries. I analyze Hui participants’ accounts about their education experiences to examine how the unique position of Islamic education in China and in the global network shapes Hui students’ mobility opportunity, class positioning and ethnic/national identity. I situate the analysis of Chinese Muslim students’ experiences in the broad context of China’s governance of the Muslim population which is driven by the intertwined concerns of security, economic growth and global expansion. I argue that under this policy framework, minority education has become a valuable resource for the integration of ethnic minorities into local and global markets and state economic objectives. I show how the interplay between market, the state and globalization shape the identity construction of minority students and how ethnicity, national and global senses of belonging as well as social class identity are produced through education.

The event can be attended either in person or online over Zoom. The Zoom meeting information is: 

  • Meeting ID: 886 3939 9731
  • Passcode: 871650


725 Spadina Avenue