Manal Choudhry examines the Korean Wave as a transnational tool for economic and political relations in U of T's Undergraduate Sociology Journal

October 9, 2020 by Sarah Tran

Manal Choudhry published an article entitled "Transnational Diplomacy and the Korean Wave" in the third volume of theĀ Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). Her work explores the Korean Wave (the global popularity of Korean culture and cultural products) and its use by the South Korean government as a tool on both international and domestic levels. Manal explains the Korean Wave in the context of the East Asian region as it influences relations, trade and policies between South Korea, China and Japan. She argues that the Korean Wave can be disadvantageous to the South Korean government in certain situations. On the whole, Manal examines the global impact of the Korean Wave and its role in globalization.

Manal published this article while in her 3rd year, and graduated earlier this year with a double major in Sociology and Human Biology, and a minor in Cell and Systems Biology. She enjoyed taking SOC395: Transnational Asia and SOC354: Sociology of Serial Homicide while studying. She also enjoyed practicing archery at the Hart House Archery Club range and socializing at the events hosted by USSU. Manal hopes to attend medical school and find research opportunities related to her interests in social epidemiology and public health.

Read Manal's full article in Volume III of the USJ here...