Professor Ito Peng Awarded President's Impact Award and the Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award

March 13, 2023 by Mauricio Gerdes

Congratulations to Dr. Ito Peng on being awarded the University of Toronto President’s Impact Award (PIA). The PIA celebrates selected faculty members whose research has led to significant impact beyond academia. As a PIA recipient, Dr. Peng will be designated as a member of the President’s Impact Academy for a period of five years. Members of the academy receive an award of $10,000 per year to be used towards their research. Members of the academy also meet to discuss research impact, advise various University research initiatives, and advocate for sustained research excellence.

Dr. Peng’s global leadership on policy issues of gender, care work, and care migration has led to her being the only PIA recipient to also receive the Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award. Her expertise has been sought out by national and international policymakers across the globe as her research targets multidimensional and interlocking dependencies between the Global North and South. She has worked with various global policy bodies, including Statistics Canada, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Women and Gender Equality Canada, the Korean Ministry of Gender Equality, UN Women, the UN-DESA, the UN Research Institute for Social Development, the ILO, and OXFAM.

We warmly congratulate Dr. Peng for her outstanding efforts in leading global policy research. To read more on this year’s President’s Impact Award recipients, visit U of T News.